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Oak Acetator album cover_edited.jpg
Oak Acetator album cover_edited.jpg



15 JAN 2024

E.V.AOak Acetator
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Robin Way has been making psychedelic music for decades under the name Oak Acetator. Mostly home recorded, Oak Acetator’s world of sound encompasses an intoxicating mix of psychedelia, punk, space rock and pop, with the emphasis strongly on hallucinogenic psych. ‘Power Trip’ is Robin’s seventh album, his previous six coming out on the hallowed Dig The Fuzz label, though strangely, none of his work appears on Discogs! Robin wrote, produced and played everything on ‘Power Trip’ in his Folkestone attic studio, and it is work of crazed brilliance. Respected musician and writer Louis Wiggett summed it up succinctly when he said of ‘Power Trip’; ‘Oh, that bonkers genius from Folkestone, can’t get enough of it. So good, almost sounds like a cosmic Stooges with synths and deadpan humour. Love it!’

And he’s absolutely right. Robin exudes his unique, very British style from the first moment to the last, sounding at times like Johnny Rotten backed by Hawkwind, but with touches of Gong and Krautrock thrown in for good measure, but really just like himself. It’s a total joy to be able to put this deranged masterpiece out on Blue Matter. We adore it, and we hope you will too.

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