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For the third release on Blue Matter, we were hoping we could get Tony Hill's permission to re-issue his 2001 masterpiece 'Inexactness'. To our delight Tony was only too pleased to see the album make a long overdue reappearance. For those of you who are not familiar with Tony's work, here's a brief description. As a teenager Tony worked in the shipyards of the North East, and by night he was playing guitar in the blues clubs of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. His first releases came in the mid 60s with The Answers, whose 'It's Just A Fear' has become the stuff of legend. By 1967 Tony was in London and was asked to join The Misunderstood, a bunch of psychedelic Californians brought to the UK by one John Peel. Tony wrote and played for the band until they returned to The USA. After this, Tony formed his own band, High Tide. They recorded two albums for Liberty, the amazing 'Sea Shanties' in 1969, and 'High Tide' a year later, both featuring Tony's unique guitar stylings and the brilliant violin of Simon House. High Tide split in the early 70s, and almost 30 years later, in 2001 legendary bassist Ade Shaw persuaded his old pal Tony to bring some new songs into the studio. With a band comprising Ade on bass, Andy Ward on drums, Nick Saloman on guitar & Matt Kelly on violin, Tony rolled back the years and 'Inexactness' was born. To everyone’s delight, original High Tide bassist Pete Pavli kindly agreed to play bass on a few tracks as well. This is its’ first ever appearance on vinyl, and we think you’ll agree it's been well worth the wait.

Tony was able to enjoy the re-release of ‘Inexactness’ and how well it was being received. He did a couple of promo interviews and even had plans for some new recording. Sadly, however, soon after the album came out, his deteriorating health led to his untimely death in October 2022. We were privileged to work and be friends with him. He was a lovely guy and is sorely missed.

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